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This site serves as an access point for Western Martial Arts books and manuscripts, translated by James Klock of Chicago, Illinois, USA.

At present, I've finished one text:


Fabian von Auerswald, 1539. This very beautiful book was published in Wittenberg, by the same publisher who previously printed Martin Luther's German-language Bible. The woodcuts were produced by the shop of Lucas Crannach (which also produced plates for the Luther Bible).
My thanks to Sabine Lessig and Norman Lorscheid for early proof-reading of this translation, and to Bob Charron and countless other WMA enthusiasts for support and assistance in understanding it.

There should be a new PDF, incorporating the translation into the original plates, available soon. In the meantime, the RTF (Rich Text File) of the English translation should be readable by any word processing program. It includes translations for every plate (except the author's portrait). The numbered paragraphs refer to the plates of the book that feature two wrestlers (So, paragraph 1 is the fourth plate of the PDF).

I do not know who, if anyone, holds the copyright to the photoimages compiled in the PDF. If you have further information on that, please contact me through the link below.

There are also some other references for German martial arts elsewhere on my site.
If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact me. I welcome comments and suggested corrections.
Thanks again!