Grappling and Wrestling

This page includes resources for the grappling and wrestling , including the early phases of an experiment in the Middle Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Specific resources for German martial arts.

From here, you can download the class notes from the class I taught at Pennsic 36 (a 7-hour class, building from fundamental body mechanics, timing and tactical considerations, all the way into a few sword techniques).
I've also posted here the class notes / handout for a version of my Body Mechanics from Period Sources class.
If you're looking for wrestling material, you can go to my Auerswald page, which has several references to Fabian von Auerswald's 1539 wrestling book (including my English-language translation).

SCA Grappling and Wrestling Experiment


OUTDATED Experiment rules (newest at top), for archival purpose only. For current rules, see the SCA Middle Kingdom Rapier Marshal's website.