Jun 30
Tall pillars in Dom
Domkirch interior
Celtic stonework in crypt
Dom exterior
Napoleon's residence
Dom exterior detail
Remants of Roman-era gate
An orthodontist's office
Stone age axes
Two stone-age cultures
Stone age tools and jars
Celtic bronze
Bronze-age axe and pottery
Bronze swords
Early bronze-age materials
Five bronze swords
Bronze spear-tips
Bronze-age wheel
Graveplate, 1478
Detail of schaube buttons, 1478
Painted saints, old cloister church
Many gravestones in the old church
Cavalier gravestones
Windows and painted walls in the old church
Painted ceiling detail
Painted walls
Gothic chapel in the minorite church
Painted walls and architectural features, minorite church
Huge bronze cannon from 1531
Cannon detail
3 Zweihanders
Blade detail, including deep notches
Dog carved on bench, mid-15th century
Along the Danube
Tower on the old stone bridge
David and Goliath, 12th c. restored 1573
Bronze keys
Bronze keys