Jun 29
Nassau house
Clever fountain at Lorenzkirche
Arms in the Lorenzkirche
Gothic Lorenzkirche view
Lorenzkirche architecture
Bear and Badger, Gänsebuch
Bear wrestling, Gänsebuch
Conducting for geese, Gänsebuch
Detail in Gänsebuch
Lorenzkirche transept
Statues and arms in Lorenzkirche
Lorenzkirche Pulpit
View of the choir and organ in Lorenzkirche
Saints in dresses
Model of a Schwartzwalder Hof, 1590
Floorplan of Hof
Model of a Hof
Oven and kettles, 1813 kitchen
Oven and kettles, 1813 kitchen
Compass and wood carving
White wedding dress, 19th c
Description of white wedding dress
Mostly woodwinds
Conductor's fiddles
Conductors' fiddles
A many-stringed instrument
Early clarinet
Duck-headed trombone
Flute in 7 different keys
Unusual woodwinds
Musical canes
Boehm flute, made by Boehm, 1830
Conductors' fiddles, with built-in fans
Hurdy-gurdy and conductors' fiddle
Dress detail
Old cloister chapel
Vestibule with carved stone
Vestible carving detail
Description of vestibule
Goofy lion sled
Plate mail with face
Detail of face on harness
Armet like mine
Quilted blue dress, 1760
18th century see-saw with dolphins
Claesz still-life with self-portrait
Actual 15th century indulgence
Painted stained glass (Dürer)
Dürer's mother, 1490
Man in a nice schaube, by Grien 1526
Dürer's book on anatomy
Bronze age weapons
Bronze age tools
Bronze age swords
Stone axeheads
Stone axheads
Stone axes
Stone tools
Tile with footprints
Bronze age helmets
Carved stone ornaments
Courtyard at Tucher house
Column detail
Courtyard at Tucher house
Courtyard at Peller house
Peller house restorations in progress
Enclosed stairway in courtyard
Painted ceiling detail, Egidienskirche
Kitchen at Dürerhaus
Kitchen with rangetop at Dürerhaus
Table and chairs at Dürerhaus
Smaller kitchen at Dürerhaus
Some woodcuts by Dürer
Printing press at Dürerhaus
Printing press at Dürerhaus
Wood carving tools and examples at Dürerhaus
Bronze engraving at Dürerhaus
Nice jacket in Germanisches