Jul 05
Hotel cows in the morning
Three teen cows
Teen cows looking for trouble
Aurelius coins
Norica coin
Footprint in tile
Roman keys
Roman hinges
Bronze tools
Pewter wings of the Roman age
Partial painted wall from Roman home
Painted tiles
Painted Roman tile patterns
Roman decorative arts
Roman decoartions
Roman painted wall fragments
Bronze boar statue
Roman stone monuments
Roman decorative stone cylinder
Roman geometric patterened stone
Roman hairpiece
Roman ruins
Ruined house well
Remaining walls of Roman house
Roman ruins
Interior trenching in Roman room
Roman ruins
The valley and the mountain
Exterior painted wall of church by Teurnia
Bishop's church at Teurnia
Crosshatched windows
Ruined column
Stone dolphin
Spoon in shape of duck, with hairpiece fragments
Painted exterior wall and door
Painted ceiling with local saints
The choir and organ
View from a rest stop
View from a rest stop
Mountain view
Happy dog at a rest stop
Cliff face
Mountain peak
View from a rest stop
Panorama view from hotel window