Jul 04
Hand mowing at Burgbau
Burgbau mason
Burgbau mason sizing
Goats and lumber
Blacksmith at the forge
Aquaducts made of wood
Blacksmith shaping piece
Dog on Burgbau tour
Carpentry shop at Burgbau
Lower workshops at Burgbau, with horse
Upper workshops at Burgbau
Masons finework shop
Plan of Burgbau
Big wasp
Wooden aquaduct and trough
Burgbau main tower in progress
Mason laying stone at Burgbau tower
Burgbau tower exterior
Burgbau tower scaffolding
Burgbau tower so far
Wooden aquaducts
Building wattle and daub wall
Stone kiln at Burgbau
Burgbau tower from below
View of ruined Friesach wall, from Burgbau
Barn with cross-hatched windows
Friesch defenses, ruined tower
Town gate, east end, ruined
Ruined tower and festival ground
Dom church from above
Central tower, ruined, over parish church
Town hall, moat, walls, and cloister beyond
Nearby castle, just west of Friesach
Painted walls in ruined castle chapel
Painted walls in ruined castle chapel
Ruined castle chapel
Painted walls in ruined castle chapel
Ruined castle chapel
Butter molds in city museum
Wrecked old swords
Tower at ruined castle
Castle ruins, interior
Parish church altar, from choir
Parish church cat
Ruined tower
Town wall and moat
Gothic altar at Dom
Painted ceiling at Dom
Painted ceiling in old chapel
Dom interior
Chapel at the castle
Beehive in stone crack of the Dom
Gurk Dom
Gurk Dom interior
Painted wall
Painted wall
Painted wall
Crypt door and painting
Outrageous baroque altar
Painted wall near altar
Painted wall
Choir near altar
Local saints painted on ceiling
Dress details from carved wood
Exitway from Dom cloister
Gurk Dom from parking lot
Sunset on the mountain
Sunset on the mountain
Mountain view from hotel
View over Klagenfurt
Distant mountains
Southern mountains
I hear it is the wurst
Gravestone and window
Painted ceiling and window
Painted ceiling
Baroque altar in gothic chapel
Flowers before the Ossiacher See
Mix of flowers
Sunrise over mountains
Mountains by morning
Mountains under clouds
Clouds over mountains