Jul 03
From the mountaintop
View S from hotel
From just below the keep
View to S from castle
Stone mortar, 14th c
Many halbards
Early 17th c armor
Helmet with cheekplates
Fabulous portrait of Khevenhuller, 1531
Khevenhuller 1474 in armor
3 Zweihanders
Wall of 16th and 17th century swords
Fleur hilts
Armor for a giant
View of Gipfelhaus church, from the castle
Our hotel is atop this mountain
Keep exterior
Lower castles
View of town and valley
Distant mountains
Stone cliff
Roses outside the keep
Roses outside the keep
View of chapel from keep walls
A hidden view
Gate-tower view
To the chapel
Farm shed below
Castle walls, from the walk up
Castle walls
Castle walls, with Otmar
Castle Walls
Partway up to the keep
Gate-tower on walkway
Through the gate
Chapel from below
Tenth gate-tower, with Otmar and James
Lion gate tower
Eighth gate tower
View from below
Sixth gate, with sally
Fifth gate
Fourth gate
Third gate
Third gate
The lowest gate
From the road
Wall of the Wappensaal
Wappensaal ceiling
Arms of fighting cocks
Arms with arrow and flowers
Arms with two garbs in bendwise or
Arms with beaver with a fish
Arms near a window
Oldest parish church in Carinthia
Wörther See from churchyard
Painted ceiling in crypt
Crypt ceiling
Crypt ceiling
Church exterior
Painted wall with saints
Painted window
Painted wall with saints
Painted wall and window
Wörther See and church exterior
Cristel by the Wörther See
Otmar and Cristel
Hotel cows
Hotel cows cross the road
Mountains and clouds