Jul 02
From the parking lot, NW view
From the parking lot, SW view
Old church next to hotel
Petting zoo at hotel
Petting zoo at hotel
Old church, seen from hotel
Old church, seen from hotel
Old church, seen from hotel
Old church outbuilding
Walls of Magdalensburg Roman ruins
Roman ruins of Magdalensburg
Roman ruins of Magdalensburg
View from the ruins
Roman ruins at Magdalensburg
Temple ruins
Ruins with temple at center
Stage set for Antigone production
Interior space with stone oven
Guest houses at the villa
Workshops at the villa
Braziers at villa
Painted tiles
Patterned painted tiles
Hotel cows?
S view from hotel room
View from the hotel
Farm at edge of Maria Saal
Sawyer's rig
Monastery building
Collected buildings
Kitchen interior, 19th c
Garden, field, and barn
Barn and garden
Field, garden, barn
Cat in its environs
Cat in charge
Maria Saal church, above farm
Maria Saal church exterior
Bridge over Maria Saal moat
Maria Saal churchyard
Octagonal building at Maria Saal churchyard
Painted ceiling
Painted ceiling
Wall paintings and architectural features
Painted ceiling
Wall painting at altar
Choir and organ
Saints growing from thistles
Side chapel with baroque architecture
Octagonal outbuilding
Carved stonework, including Romulus and Remus
Old entryway below choir
Painted exterior wall
Herzogstuhl description
Herzogstuhl from E
Herzogstuhl from N
Herzogstuhl from W
Church interior
Old carved stone vessel inside church
View towards church altar
Exterior of church
All these roads are the road to here
Distant mountains