James Klock
This is the klocktower.org website, owned and maintained by James Klock.  
There is little here of any but personal value, and I doubt that anyone other than myself, my family and close friends, or my fellow hobbiest-researchers in historical combat circles will have much occasion to visit here.  
For those who have stumbled across this page, here are a few useful links:
There are some photo albums online here, featuring my holiday snaps, wedding pictures, and a few others.
Or, you might like to read my travelogue, or that of my wife, from our 2007 honeymoon in Europe. We returned to Europe in 2012, for our fifth anniversary, and Sarah's travelogue from that trip is online now. So, too, is Jamey's description of the trip.
Finally, you may like to peruse my translation of a 1539 wrestling book.  
Greetings and Welcome!